Friday, December 24, 2010

New Blog!

So, I have been recently inspired by my friends and family to start writing a blog.  My friend Yasmin has a beautiful blog for her budding photography business, my friend Katie has a blog that details her experiences as a teacher and a new mom, my father blogs about his intellectual curiosities...  they are all fascinating and a wonderful way to get a deeper look into their lives; what they do, how they think, and their experiences as human beings.  I recently graduated from medical school, and am now a medical intern at a very large hospital in Los Angeles, CA.  It has been suggested by the aformentioned that this might make for interesting blogging material.  I realize this subject has been detailed ad infinitum in various media formats, so I will attempt to give my own spin on my own personal experiences as a doctor in training.  I hope that the few of you that will actually be able to tolerate my dreadful literary skill, my incredible lack of wit, and downright general mediocrity will be mildly entertained and maybe even learn something from this blog. 

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